What We Do

13th Street Community Garden was established in 2008 as a place to grow fresh, local, healthy produce for the North City Farmers’ Market, and also to provide gardening space for community gardeners. The Garden is location at 2700-14 N 13th Street, between St. Louis Ave. and Montgomery St. The garden has grown every year, and now contains 10 berms for community production to sell at the Farmers' Market, 28 raised beds for community members to grow their own produce, a tool shed, a greenhouse, a chicken coop with egg laying hens, a small orchard, and a prairie demonstration area that is also a great home to polinators. All of the beds are connected to an automatic drip irrigation system. The garden currently grows on average 1600 pounds of produce each year.

In 2010, the 13th Street Community Garden was awarded Hub Garden status by Gateway Greening, now known as a Community Resource Garden. This enables the Garden to assist more community gardens and home gardeners with tool-lending, seed-starting, and seed/seedling distribution, as well as many educational opportunities. The Garden has become a place for gardeners from all over North St. Louis to come visit for advice and inspiration.

For the last few years, 13th Street Community Garden has been the host site for the Annual National Night Our Celebration on the first Tuesday of August, and many other social events throughout that year. Everyone in the community is invited to be a part of the garden.


13th Street Community Garden is open to the public on Tuesday evenings from 6pm- 8pm, and Saturday mornings from 8 am- Noon. If you are interested in volunteering with 13th Street Garden, send us an email to info@onsl.org, or join us during open hours. If you would like a raised bed this season, fill out the application linked below in the downloads section.