What We Do

Community Gardens in Old North

Old North St. Louis is home to multiple community gardens that are a living testament  to the neighborhood commitment to revitalization. As with any living thing, it takes time, patience, and dedication. Our green space commitee is a dedicated group always looking for more volunteers to help with the upkeep of these community gardens. Old North Saint Louis Restoration Group holds garden leases for the cultivation and maintenance of 6 community gardens on city-owned land and is co-owner of another patch of land where we've established a community garden.  These gardens are located on the 1500 block of Hebert Street (the Hebert Community Garden, also known as the "Johnnie Owens Garden"); Wingmann Park (a triangular parcel between Blair, Wright, and Dodier Streets); the Ames School Butterfly Garden (at the southwest corner of 11th St. and St. Louis Ave.); the Enterprise Garden (at the northwest corner of Blair & St. Louis Ave.); the northwest corner of 13th Street & St. Louis Ave.; the 13th Street Community Garden (at 2700-2714 N. 13th St., adjacent to Old North Grocery Co-op); and the North Florissant & North Market Garden (at the northeast corner of that intersection).

In addition to growing food for the North City Farmers' Market, the 13th Street Community Garden has been designated a Hub Garden for Gateway Greening and serves as an educational / demonstration garden for other community gardeners throughout St. Louis. 

For more information or to volunteer call the ONSLRG office at 314-241-5031 or send an email to info@onsl.org.


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