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Thanks to a Neighborhood Transformation Grant, we are looking for a full time project manager to help us build our capacity and manage building and stabilization projects.


Old North St. Louis Restoration Group is hiring a program manager for community asset development, fundraising support and reporting. Funded in part through SLFRF from the Dept of the Treas. and the City of St Louis' CDA.  Equal Opportunity Employer


The Old North St. Louis Restoration Group (ONSLRG) is a community-based, nonprofit organization established by neighborhood residents in 1981 to revitalize the physical and social dimensions of the community in a manner that respects its historic, cultural, and urban character.  The ONSLRG’s Board of Directors steers an award-winning, effective community development corporation (“CDC”) with a broad range of community-building activities.

Position Overview

 In 2015, the ONSLRG reorganized its operational structure due to changes in available resources and the need to realign on the community’s vision for the organization. For the past half-decade, ONSLRG operated through their dedicated Board of Directors and valued volunteers. Thanks to a generous grant from the City of St. Louis we are now hiring a full-time Project Manager who would work in our new office space.


● Community Asset Development

○ Manage and oversee the Neighborhood Transformation Grant

■  Oversee work on the 3 blighted buildings in the grant

■  Recruit and monitor people to mow LRA/Seed lots in the grant

■  Assist with development of the 13th Street Community Garden

■  Oversee work on the new ONSL office space

■  Fulfill reporting requirements

○  Oversee the work on new and rehabbed houses (CDA and Habitat)

○  Work with residents and the board and committees to build neighborhood capacity;

○  Assure response to emails, website, social media posts, and phone calls related to the neighborhood;


●       Fundraising Support

○  Assist neighborhood grant writers to fund the operations of ONSLRG;

○  Support neighborhood volunteers doing fundraisers:

House Tour | Trivia Night |  Give STL Day, etc.;


●       Reporting

○  Present progress to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis;

○  Other reports as needed.


●       Preferred qualifications include:

○  Understanding of construction and rehab contracting;

○  Has worked with a lens of equity and inclusion;

○  Experience working with CDCs or similar neighborhood nonprofits;

○  Knowledge of City departments and government helpful;

○  Project management skills

○  Experience with successful fundraising is helpful;

○  Extensive experience and skills with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint);

○  Bachelor’s Degree preferred, but history of success with CDCs is more important;


Contract Term: The term of the contract will be for a two year period with possible renewal based on funding and performance.

The pay range is $50,000 - $60,000 with benefits, etc.


Please detail all relevant experience in your resume and send it plus a cover letter to Questions can also be directed to this email or to our phone: 314-696-0321



Community is more than a collection of buildings; it’s the people who live in the neighborhood and the social bonds among them.

  Our Mission  

Revitalize the physical and social dimensions of the Old North neighborhood in a manner that respects its historic, cultural, and urban character.

Our Mission

  Our Vision  

ONSLRG is pursuing a comprehensive revitalization strategy rooted in the community’s vision of a sustainable and welcoming neighborhood that offers high quality housing opportunities for a diverse population from all walks of life.

  Our Board of Directors  

Holston Black

Real Estate Chair

Resident & Business Owner

Gloria Bratkowski

Greenspace Chair


Juan William Chavez.png
Juan William Chávez 

Arts & Sciences Advocate
Nonprofit Leader

Colleen Clawson



Dr. Aimee Dunlap
Vice President


Dave Eisenbraun



Robin Lovings Brown



Courtney McDermott



Aleya Price_edited.jpg
Aleya Price
Executive Comm


Dr. Paulette Sankofa

Advocate for Seniors Nonprofit Leader


Tino  Ochoa

Jessica Payne

Claire Rippel

Nolan Sharkey

Looking to get more involved in an advisory role or serve on a committee? Reach out to to start the conversation!
Board Of Directors
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