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Brightside 2022 Days

Updated: May 12, 2022

Saturday May 7th. A good day making ONSL brighter along St. Louis Ave, around Ames School, across Strodtman Park playground and streets, and around the 13th Street Garden. Thank you to the volunteers from Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and Emerson.
Saturday April 16th. 9 - 12 pm. Was a great clean-up day. The men of Stepping Into the Light did an excellent job around Family Dollar, down Blair to Warren, and along the alleys where residents and businesses park. Appreciated the help from Erin o'R., Mikayla M., Michaelene M., and Ernest P. Special thanks to perennial volunteers Dave E., Tom B., James E., John T., and Matt F. Kind regards, Holston
Operation Brightside - Project Blitz Event

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